Monday, November 23, 2009

Hyderabadi chicken Biryani

Hyderabad is famous for its biryanis and I never appreciated biryani when I was in India....infact I hated it so much that when ever biryani was made at home, something different was made for me . But after coming to the US, I made it frequently for S, his friends and relatives. But, I used to cook the basmati rice and chicken together with all the spices in the pressure cooker. But the last time when I went to India, I learned making the proper way of making biryani from one of our cooks.He makes amazing food and when I told him how i made my biryani, he insisted on teaching me how he makes it. We had friends over yesterday and I made this biryani and so could not take proper pics.I will update them soon with a step by step tutorial.

 For Marinade:
        2lbs skinless chicken with bone( cut into medium sized pieces, washed and squeezed without water)
        2 cups curd (beaten)
        1/2 cup chopped mint leaves/pudina
        1/2 cup chopped cilantro/kothimeera
        6-8 green chillies (slit lenght wise)
        1/2 onion(thinly sliced(optional))
        1/2 tsp turmeric
        1&1/2 tbsps red chilli  pwd
        1 tbsp dhaniya pwd/corriander pwd
        1 tbsp cumin pwd/jeera pwd
        2-3 tbsps lemon juice
        2 tbsps ginger garlic paste
        Salt to taste
Grind together:-
      2 green cardamom
      1 black cardamom
      6-7 cloves
      1 bayleaf
      1&1/2 inch cinnamon stick
      2 pieces of mace/javitri
      1 whole star anise /anaasa puvvu
      1/2 tsp kala jeera
      1/2 tsp fennel seeds
Mix all the ingredients for marinade, the ground powder and check for salt except chicken. Add the chicken pieces and mix well.Keep aside overnight or atleast 5-6 hrs.

For rice
 3 cups basmati rice( pre washed and soaked in water for atleast 30 mins)
 Whole garam Masala
--3 green cardamom
--2 black cardamom
--6-8 cloves
--1 inch piece of cinnamon
--1 tsp kala jeera
--1 tsp fennel seeds
--1 bay leaf
--1/2 star anise

Add 2 tbsps oil to 8-10  of cups water along with salt and boil. Tie the whole garam masala in a clean cloth (make a pouch) and add to the boiling water and check for salt.The water should be a little salty but not too salty.Drain the soaked basmati rice and add to the boiling water and cook till the rice is 80% cooked (ie when u squeeze a garin, it should have a little bite to it), remove the garam masala pouch and drain immediately and keep it aside.

1/4 cup chopped cilantro leaves
1/4 cup chopped mint leaves
Soak a 2 tsps of saffron starnds in 3 tbsps warm milk or water  and keep aside for 15 mins
3-4 dried plums(optional)
12-14 cashew nuts  fried in 1 tsp ghee
1/4 cup fried onion(optional)
2 tbsps rose water(optional)

In a deep and heavy bottomed vessel with atight lid,arrange the marinated chicken tightly.Add the dried plums and fried cashew nutsAdd the 80% cooked rice and scatter the fried onion, mint leaves, soaked saffron solution, rose water and close the lid tightly (if you donot have a tight lid,cover the vessel with a clean kitchen towel and close the lid or close the lid and seal it with dough made with water and whole wheat flour or all purpose flour) and cook on high flame for 5 mins,20 mins on medium flame and 15 mins on very low flame.
Switch off and carefully open the lid and mix very gently and serve when hot with raitha and salan of your choice.Enjoy!!!


Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

Beautiful biriyani recipe and you you have described it in a great manner. just one request plz send me a bowful :-)

Bhagi said...

Thank you Sayantani....I definitely will the next time I make it .....haha...

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