Thursday, November 5, 2009


Kajjikaya is a traditional Andhra sweet made by rolling out maida balls, stuffing it and then deep frying it till golden brown.I've enjoyed these growing up.My nanamma (dad's mom) used to( still  does)supervise my mom and aunts when making these.They used to make these with different kinds os stuffings like ravva, roasted fresh coconut,sugar,cardamom,coarsley powdered almonds etc.I made these for Diwali this year with roasted fresh coconut,sugar,ravva,almond and pistacios.

For the dough:
1& 1/2 cups maida/all purpose flour
2 tbsp ghee
2 tsps semolina
a pinch of salt

For the stuffing:
1/2 cup sooji roasted till nice aromas fills the kitchen

1/4 cup+2 tbsps  finely grated & roasted fresh coconut(roast on low flame taking care not to burn)
1/2 cup or less sugar(acc to ur taste)
3 tbsps+2 tsps  roasted and coarsley ground almonds and pistachios
1 tsp cardamom

Mix the dough with semolina and salt.Knead it with ghee and add enough water to make it into a soft ,pliable but not sticky dough.Cover with a damp cloth or paper towel and set aside for 30 mins.Mix all the ingredients for stuffing and keep aside.Make equal sized balls and keep covered.Roll them into thin puris.Add a tablespoon of the stuffing in the middle of the puri.Wet one edge of the puri with milk or water and fold over the other end and seal it nicely so that it does not open up during deep frying.Take a fork and press the edges to form a neat pattern.Keep aside.Cover them so that they won't dry.Heat oil in a deep kadai and when the oil is hot add 3-4 kajjikayalu at a time, depending on the size of the kadai.Donot crowd it.Fry on both sides till golden brown.Drain excess oil on paper towel.When completely cool store in an air tight container.These will keep upto 3 weeks.Enjoy!!!!


Srivalli said...
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Srivalli said...

Nice kajjikayalu!

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