Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ragi Idli

Ragi idli, I first saw these beauties at Shilpa's blog, Aayi's recipe and have been meaning to try them ever since but never got around to it till today. I used urad flour instead of soaking urad dal and grinding( you see 'm bit of a slacker) and also I was not sure how the two flours will be can give nice and soft idlis so added idli ravva to it. Also no soaking the dal and grinding it just mix everything together and you are done. Do try them, they are nutritious, tasty and very easy to make.

1 cup urad flour
1 cup ragi flour
1/4 cup idli ravva(wash and keep aside, there is no need to soak it)
Salt to taste
A pinch of baking soda(optional, I was not sure if they would rise so used just a pinch)
Oil/Ghee (for greasing the idli plates)

  • Add ragi flour, urad flour and washed idli ravva and water in a big bowl( the batter will rise during fermentation) and mix well with out any lumps. The consistency should be of the normal idli batter.
  • Cover and keep it in a warm place like oven overnight .
  • The batter will increase by the next morning. Add salt and baking soda if using and mix.
  • Grease the idli plates with oil or ghee.
  • Pour a ladle full of batter into each mould.
  • Pour 1&1/2 cups water in a pressure cooker and put in the filled idli stand in the water and cook on high heat for 3-5 mins or till u see steam coming.
  • Reduce heat to medium and cook without the whistle for 11-12 mins. Switch off, let stay for 5 mins.
  • Wet a spoon and scoop out the idlis from the idli plate and serve with chutney and sambar .
  • Enjoy!!!

This is my contribution to JFI-Raagi , an event hosted by Madhuram . Jhiva is a brain child of Indira .


    Unknown said...

    This is such a quick and delicious idli, I loved it. Thanks for visiting my blog which led me to yours, you have a lovely space !

    Bhagi said...

    Thanks Usha....u said it quick healthy and delicious idlies.....loved ur blog...

    KavyaNaimish said...

    I dont know that we can make soft Idlies jst by using Urad flour...cing ur pics I too wana try this Ragi Idly..Waiting for Canberry n Peanut Chuntey recipe

    Bhagi said...

    @ Kavya
    do try them ...they were so soft and yummy....will upload cranberry chutney soon...

    hv jn4 rnfvju hn fjmv nvtrngjv cftmgkivj mt said...

    Bhagi that's such an easy and healthy recipe. I have never used urad dal flour so far but have always wondered if it will be as good as grinding the dal. I'm definitely trying this one. Thanks for sending it to the event.

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