About me

                                                    Welcome to Idliburger. 

                       I'm Bhagi  a daughter, a sister, a wife , a mother and a food blogger .

                          Indian by birth , and living here in states with my dear husband and my son who's three .I'm a homemaker and a full time mom for now. I love cooking.Like many  I've had no reason to cook before marriage except at a friends place. After marriage and coming to the  states I had to drag myself into the kitchen . In fact it was my DH who taught me how to cook basic dal/pappu. I made frantic calls to mom for recipes. Now I take pleasure in cooking and a  can cook a thing or two (still make those frantic calls to mom).

                          At first none of family and my friends back home  believed that I can cook ,let alone manage a cooking blog.I love to cook and also love to eat out. So I will not be blogging everyday. I've created this blog  to pen down recipes from my grandmother, mom , me , relatives ,friends and magazines over the years.Its my own personal recipe journal which I can share with everyone.

                       Being a South Indian and because DH enjoys South Indian food and I love to see joyful and satisfying look on Mr IB and li'l IB's face and the  focus is more on that. We enjoy  almost every cuisine and do experiment. So u will find recipes from around the world and hence the name idliburger.

                             This blog has been a learning platform and also making great friends .
          Hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I've  had creating them.This blog is a work in process.
                                            Thanks for stopping by.......

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